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15th Shreveport Bead Retreat

Material information for classes

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Material information for classes
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Material list for April 2016

Flower / Poinsetta Bracelet - Edwidge Denyszyn

Flower or poinsettia bracelet
 1 gram 15# seed bead
10 grams 1.5x5mm Dragon scales  or 2 tube from Gerry  ( red is nice, but think of other colors too)
@100 3mm round fire polished or size 6# seed bead will also work clasp
Great for beginners or advanced.  All will fell an accomplishment by end of class.  Great for gifts.


Super Duo Button  - Debbie Gwaltney

This is a very easy and fast project.  Skill level - beginner.  These are great for clasps, especially for bracelets and especially those designed with SuperDuo's so the clasp will match!


(10) SuperDuos in Color A (Test to make sure all holes are open)

(10) SuperDuos in Color B (Test to make sure all holes are open)

(11) 3mm x 4mm Chinese crystal faceted rondelles

(1) 8mm x 3.5mm cone-shaped pewter bead cap

(1) 8mm glass rondelle

(1) Three-inch 20-gauge silver


6 lb. FireLine

Tools: Beading needles, Scissors, Round-nose pliers, Chain-nose pliers, Wire cutter,

Kits for $5 each.     

Bead Embroidered Rope Road Map  - Julia Kearney

Supply list

Size 10 or 11 Seed Beads in at least 5 colors Size 8 Seed Beads in 1 or 2 colors or 3mm beads in 1 or 2 colors Size 6 Seed Beads in 1 or 2 colors OR 4mm beads in 1 or 2 colors Beads up to size 10mm for center bubble 8-1/2 inches upholstery cording, size 9-10mm 10 mm Kumihimo end caps KO Thread or 6lb Fireline Size 10 or 12 needle Closure Chain or 6-8 mm beads for stringing to finish your necklace E6000 or other glue Optional: O-beads or daisy spacers


Julia will have kits available for $12.


Chamomile Bracelet – Olga Dillow

Material list for Chamomile Bracelet  (7 inches)
Honey Comb beads - 11
Daggers (3x10mm) - 66
Round Seed Bead Toho #11 - 150
Faceted beads 2 mm - 22 (instead possible use Toho size #11)
Jump Ring 7 mm - 2
Kits available $20

Boho Leather Necklace – Joanie Whitehead


You will weave fine leather with beads, then, design simple wire wraps to create this on trend Boho necklace.

Materials in Kit = $11.00

*1mm leather cording

*10 - 8mm Swarovski pearls

*clasp with large ring

*2 cord ends

*1 large fresh water teardrop pearl, 2 beadcaps, 3” of 22-24ga wire

*6” chain, 12 headpins, 12 small spacers

*10-12 pearls: 4mm-6mm, and teardrop


*Tools - Med. Scissors, side flush cutters, chainnose pliers, roundnose pliers, macramé’ board or thick cardboard, about 6 T pins or straight pins.

*It is always nice to have your own tools, so, bring these tools if you have them, but, if you don’t I will have extras of all but the boards so please bring about 12” of thick cardboard if you don’t have that.

*I will be happy to order you a macrame’ board if you email me they will be $7.50. I will bring them with me.




Easy Crystal Bangle – Joanie Whitehead


Materials: (for 6 3/4” bangle)

8 grams - 8* metallic seed beads

2 grams - 11* matching metallic seed bead

Appx 60 - 4mm crystal bicones

2 grams - 11* seed bead color to match crystals

6# or 8# Fireline & needle of choice



* bead mat

* Task light

* scissors


You will create an elegant bangle that is not complicated. If you have never done right angle weave or if you’re rusty, I will show you how. This is done primarily in 8* beads which makes it even easier. If you never have a bangle to fit right, I’ll show you how to make it fit. You will love the results.

Sibilla Earrings – Cheryl Chase

1 tube SuperDuos

1 tube 11s

1/2 tube 15s

38 4mm bicones


Pair ear wires 


Kits available $15 (without FIRELINE) 

or $18 with FIRELINE 


On The Rocks Trio – Cheryl Chase

2 tubes 8s (same color) 

1/2 tube 11s

1 tube 15s

48-64 4mm bicones (depending on length)


Button for clasp


No kits but Gerry will have all supplies available 




Hubble/Peyote Bezel Cabochon – Chip Burnette

 Materials:isplaying Hubble Bezel 012.JPG

Cabochon (1 to 1.5 inch is best)
Size 11 seed beads in a complementary color (or colors)
6 pound fireline
   Bead Board
   Light / magnifier / fan as needed

 I will not have kits, but will be happy to recommend/sell cabochons before

Ida Williams - 1920’s Art Deco Style Tennis Bracelet

Supplies –

2 colors of 15’- silver & gold,

3mm pearls,

3mm cup chain,

11’s  seed beads

6lb Fireline, needle, bead mat, light and magnification if needed


Janice McEwen Shape Shifter with permission from Betty Stephan

Colors for Gray and Blue Bracelet

Super Duos – 2gms – Crystal Gray

Size 15 seed beads 1gm Iris Blue

Round glass druk beads – 4mm – 18-25 pieces Iris Blue

O-beads – 3gms – Bras Color

Super Duos – 2 gms – Magic Blue Pink

Size 11 seed beads 2 gms Silver Lined Gray

2 holed Brick beads – 8 gms – 948-60 pcs – Mtte. Iris Green

size 11 seed beads - 3gms Iris Gold

2 holed triangle beads – 5 gms. Polychrome Gold

size 8 seed beads – 2gms – Hematite

size 11 seed beads – 3 gms – Iris Blue


She will have kits for $30.00


Jeanice Roberts – Bracelet

Supplies are:
         4mm Czech fire polish beads

 ( 7.5 inch bracelet(including clasp) used                                                                  around 210 fire polished beads and 34 3mm rounds. 
4mm round bead(druk, pearl, metal,any round of choice)
15/0 seed beads
Fireline 6lb
Beading needle
Clasp of choice

Chrysanthemum Bracelet – Gerry Milton

Material List:
3 tubes of Czechmates Crescents
2 strands of 2 hole lentils
6 - 9 size 6mm round pearls
10 size 8 seed beads (used to connect each flower)
5grms size 11 seed beads
Clasp your choice (I used a small magnet)
8lb fireline
No kits available. Bead Crazee will have all beads available for this project.

Jane Brown – Bicycle Chain Necklace/bracelet     

Really versatile necklace that can be wrapped for a bracelet

11’s or 15’s seed beads

Half Tila’s