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15th Shreveport Bead Retreat

Retreat Classes

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Retreat Classes
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All classes listed below were taught at a prior retreat
Cheryl Chase - Sibilla Earring

Cheryl Chase - On The Rocks Trio Bracelet

Ida Williams - 1920's Art Deco Style Tennis Bracelet

Joanie Whitehead - Easy Crystal Bangle

Joanie Whitehead - Boho Leather Necklace

Edwidge Denyszyn -  Poinsetta Flower Bracelet/Necklace 

Chip Burnett - Hubble Bezel Cabochon

Debbie Gwaltney - SuperDuo Button

Julia Kerney - Beaded Embroidered Rope Road Map l

Olga Dillow - Camomile Bracelet

Janice McEwen -  Shape Shifter Bracelet with permission from Betty Stephan

Jeanice Roberts - Bracelet

Gerry Milton - Chrysanthemum Bracelet

Jane Brown - Bicycle Chain Necklace/Bracelet